Sodepac International SA

In 1965, Jean Vasseur perfected an absorption system to counter humidity in the sugar industry. Although initially intended for protecting merchandise in the field of industry, it´s obvious that this technique satisfies a genuine need for provide individuals: the first patented humidity absorber was launched in 1973 by the inventor of the process. Since then the research and development process hasn´t stopped, and today Sodepac holds a multitude of patent-pending and patented products.

Sodepac is Europes largest producer of humidity absorbers for its brands Seko and Humidivore and Sekodry for protecting merchandise from humidity.

The plant located in Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin in northern France has been enlarged on a regular basis: a new ultra modern storage area in 2011, bringing the total surface area of the plant to 6000 m2. Sodepac employs 45 people.

Tetec AB is their distributor in Sweden.

Tetec - business concept

To provide high-quality cargo securement and goods protection at competitive prices. The products should, separately or in combination, fulfil the demands and expectations of our customer.

Tetec - customer policy

To gain trust, by being committed and work to maintain long-lasting relationships. We are accessible and will give our customers the highest possible service.

Tetec - supplier policy

To represent leading European suppliers, all specialists within their field. Together, based on long term relationships and close cooperation, we will do our utmost in finding the best suitable solution.
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