cable ties, security seals, identification items and control wristbands

Protect your cargo carrier against unauthorized access, with theft as a result, by use of high security seals of bolt or wire type. They are fitted for all type of transportation; sea freight, railway and road. Doors on containers, trucks and railroad wagons are fastly sealed and secured with a simple compression of the two parts of the security seal. A permanent closure is assured.

We only offer high security bolt seals (H), which are tested and certified according to ISO 17712:2013 and C-TPAT. For further reading or questions about certification, please contact us.

A simpler way of sealing cargo carriers, postal bags etc. is to use indicative seals. They are made of plastic with, in some cases, metal inserts. Unauthorized access is exposed immediately.

For personal use there are a lot of opportunities, control wristbands, cable ties and collars.

Tetec - business concept

To provide high-quality cargo securement and goods protection at competitive prices. The products should, separately or in combination, fulfil the demands and expectations of our customer.

Tetec - customer policy

To gain trust, by being committed and work to maintain long-lasting relationships. We are accessible and will give our customers the highest possible service.

Tetec - supplier policy

To represent leading European suppliers, all specialists within their field. Together, based on long term relationships and close cooperation, we will do our utmost in finding the best suitable solution.
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