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When moisture sink in, it can lead to unhealthy odors, mold, allergy, rust and other problems. These are well known facts. Most often problems arise when the air humidity is high and/or ventilation is poor.

By using SekoDry Absorber Ultra 400%, invented and patented 2011, you get an effective and priceworthy solution. The new generation of moisture absorbers contains the active substance Calcium chloride in combination with a gelling agent. While using the product it remains dry and firm during the whole process, without risk of leakage. The moisture is absorbed at the same time as the humidity level decreases in the area. SekoDry Absorber Ultra 400% is very effective and can absorb up to 400% of it´s own weight, depending of temperature and amount of humidity.
SekoDry Absorber Utra 400% remains in it´s solid state, which makes the product unique. Some obvius benefits are:
Small in size, which makes it suitable in every posible application
The new generation
0-400% absorption capacity
Yet effective at low temperatures as well as high
Prevents condensation at fast changes in temperature
No risk when handling the product due to non-contact with the inside Calcium chloride

Function and usage
1 - Open the outer bag (Attention! The inner bag must not be opened or damaged)
2 - Place the product (use hook or put the absorber on the product)

Good enviromental choice
SekoDry Absorber Ultra 400% contains Calcium chloride and a gelling agent. The whole product can be disposed with the household garbage.

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