Edge protectors for sensitive products




When lashing straps are used to secure cargo, the goods are often damaged because of to high pressure from the straps. Edge protectors is an easy way to secure the goods and avoid getting angry calls from the customers. Deliveries of sustainable goods protections on time every delivery is a presumption for long-term customer relations.

The lashing strap works more or less as a lump load of the goods outer measurements (assault lashing). When there is no other contact areas against the goods, this is the only way of doing it. The solution is simple and lies in relieving the clamping forces of the lashing strap by it to a widespread force, i.e. increase the contact area against the goods. This is the basics in the area "Mechanics of materials" which describes the relationsship between mechanical forces and deformable bodies. This is the task of an edge protector. The grade of relieving pressure depends on the design of the edge protector i.e. measurements and angles but also choice of raw material with the properties elasticity and rigidity.

Industries with continuous operation demands the most propriate equipment as possible and is dependent on the above mentioned values. Tetec offers that safeness.

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Quick facts:
Good load alleviation
Manages high loads
Protects the goods outer edges
Gives fast and flexible cargo securement
Enviromental friendly
High quality
Simple usage
One time and reusable products

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To provide high-quality cargo securement and goods protection at competitive prices. The products should, separately or in combination, fulfil the demands and expectations of our customer.

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