Dunnage bags

Time saving, effective and flexibel. By using dunnage bags from Bates Cargo-Pak - the Original since 1975 you get the optimal and most cost effective solution against defects and damage during transportation. Each dunnage bag is equipped with one inner and one outer bag.

Dunnage bags
  • Inner bag:
    A three layer, coextruded, PE quality film. Ensuring an ultimate airtight seal.
  • Outer bag:
    Several layers of an unique, heavy-duty, wet strenght paper. Produced exclusively for Bates Cargo-Pak. Providing maximum strenght, stability of shape and a high friction value.
  • Valve:
    Standard, Reuse and Flex valve. Patented, effective and userfriendly in loading situations.
  • Sizes:
    From 60 x 110 cm to 120 x 240 cm. Standard sizes for both reuse and one-way. Customized sizes on demand.
  • Product range:
    From Flex Eco to Heavy. Different levels depending on the expected impact and cargo; from light to heavy load.
For situations where the impact and strain on the cargo is expected to be very low, we can also provide woven PP and plastic bags in different sizes.

More information about loading with dunnage bags from Bates Cargo-Pak.
Tetec is the distributor for Bates Cargo-Pak on the swedish market and more information is available on our swedish site.

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