Loading securement products in corrugated board

Strong, safe and gentle. With goods protection in corrugated cardboard your goods is kept in place and protected against damages during transport.
Securing rolls
  • Products:
    Standard products and tailor-made solutions based on your specific needs. Examples from the product range are load cradles for all types of rolls, elavators, edge protectors and dividers.
  • Material:
    Several alternatives of strength and quality of the corrugated cardboard. Can be processed for extra resistance to humidity.
  • Execution:
    The number of corrugated cardboards that are joint together is depending on the goods, the demands and the transportation mode.
  • Strength:
    Adapted to existing requirements and conditions.

More information about our products in corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is a strong and flexible material with natural high friction which is well suited for securing and protecting goods from damages.

The rigid card between the two surface layers is what gives corrugated board its strength and stability. The layer of air between the "waves" in the card makes the corrugated cardboard flexible and versatile.

Corrugated cardboard can be found in a number of qualities. Our products shall withstand rough handling and tough conditions and are therefore made of the very best corrugated cardboard in the highest quality.

Our supplier, Lastrådgivaren Lundgren AB, has extensive experience and knowledge and in close cooperation with our customers we have developed a wide range of  products. Our customers' needs are our challange and all products can be adapted, treated and processed to each situation, demand and requirement.

Load cradles
For a safe and costeffective transportation of all types of horizontal rolls.

Dividers and elevators
Raise the good above the eyelets and sharp edges.

We can also supply load protection bars, sheets, liners, pallets, frames, boxes etc.

Tetec - business concept

To provide high-quality cargo securement and goods protection at competitive prices. The products should, separately or in combination, fulfil the demands and expectations of our customer.

Tetec - customer policy

To gain trust, by being committed and work to maintain long-lasting relationships. We are accessible and will give our customers the highest possible service.

Tetec - supplier policy

To represent leading European suppliers, all specialists within their field. Together, based on long term relationships and close cooperation, we will do our utmost in finding the best suitable solution.
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