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Loading securement and goods protetction

We are experts in cargo securing and goods protection, and we represent European suppliers, specialists in their field. Our customers are mainly in the paper-, food- and engineering industries but you could find our products anywhere where goods is exported and needs to be protected. Tetec was founded in 1986 by Georg Tegstam. In close cooperation with our suppliers we have, for nearly 30 years' now, ensured that goods is delivered safe and sound, all over the world.
Dunnage bags
Dunnage bags
Dunnage bags
Dunnage bags
Seals, bolt seals, plastic seals
high security seals, Seals, bolt seals, plastic seals
Securing rolls
Bolt seals
Securing rolls
Pallets for one time use


Dunnage Bags

Time saving, effective and flexibel. By using dunnage bags from Bates Cargo-Pak you get the optimal and most cost effective solution against defects and damage during transportation.

Corrugated cardboard

Strong, safe and gentle. With goods protection in corrugated cardboard your goods is kept in place and protected against damages during transport.

Friction board securement

One solution is Lanocatch, a tailor-made friction increasing board for all types of goods and ways of tranportation.

Seals, ties and wristbands

Protect your cargo carrier against unauthorized access, with theft as a result, by use of high security seals of bolt or wire type. They are fitted for all type of transportation; sea freight, railway and road.

Lashing straps

Lashing straps is the absolut most common way to secure cargo. An often used technique is top-over lashing. The goods is then pushed downwards with the help of tension force from the lashing strap.


Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions related to cargo securing or goods protection.

Tetec - business concept

To provide high-quality cargo securement and goods protection at competitive prices. The products should, separately or in combination, fulfil the demands and expectations of our customer.

Tetec - customer policy

To gain trust, by being committed and work to maintain long-lasting relationships. We are accessible and will give our customers the highest possible service.

Tetec - supplier policy

To represent leading European suppliers, all specialists within their field. Together, based on long term relationships and close cooperation, we will do our utmost in finding the best suitable solution.
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